Generate PDF files using PHP

The following classes are written to generate PDF files “from the scratch” using PHP functions:

The FPDF class is written written for PHP4 and was the first free PHP script for creatingPDF files

“on the fly”. I’ve used this class 8 years ago to generate several documents in several eCommerce

applications. The project website offers some great documentation and also a lot of useful examples. The latest version is from June 2011 and I hope the next version is written for PHP5. The original version doesn’t support UTF-8, but since while there is class named tFPDF which supports UTF-8.

Like many other PDF scripts is TCPDF based on FPDF, too. The TCPDF class was in the beginning a rewrite for PHP5 with support for UTF-8. Now is this project a great PDF generator with great image functions including support for the CMYK color mode.
The missing support for UTF-8 in FPDF was the reason that I use TCPDF class for all my projects since a view years now. If you have used FPDF in the past, it’s very easy to make the move. The documentation for TCPDF project is not so good as for the FPDF class, but there are a lot of well documented examples.