The latest version of Modernizr 2.6 has been recently released with a number of included features. Modernizr is a popular JavaScript library for HTML5 or CSS3 that helps in finding out whether a particular feature is there in a browser or not. While detecting browser features, the results include creating Java-script object which are shown as properties on global object and also as classes on the HTML element. These classes while also being added to HTML elements allow to key in or embed the CSS. A number of major new players on the web are now interested in the JavaScript library from modernizr.


The new design for the Modernizr platform has led the core development focus from the community to enable the detections for 40 or more essential detects. The detects for the modernizr includes CSS filters, CSS regions, Scope Styles and others. Existing detects like Geolocation enable to find whether a native location support is available for a browser and can be shared with the trusted websites.

Being open source and supporting a range of web designs for different user experiences based upon the capabilities of a web browser, Modernizr 2.6 is the one for designers. Modernizr already has other styling elements for Internet Explorer made from HTML5 for improved semantics. The new release version 2.6 is also a close reflection of what is included as a progressive enhancement for building the website with JavaScript free foundation while adding the other layers.